Surfing the wave.

Surfing the wave.


A trade fair experience as energizing as the solutions Esko creates.

Drupa is the perfect forum for Esko to showcase the tidal energy behind its soft- and hardware solutions. So naturally we were there to help to create waves around the brand with a Kinect-enabled video game, driving both brand awareness and product interest.

Prospective players are lured in to experience 6 “inspiration zones”, reflecting the structure of the booth itself. The zones cover everything from design to finishing.

First players create their own avatar, whether they are a designer, a pre-presser or a printer, to start the experience.

Then let the games begin… players spread their arms and and move their body to ride the waves. The lap times and overall score determine if they can take home a prize, like a battery pack for power on the go.

It’s a bit of fun for visitors, and at the same time provides an opportunity to engage with Esko products and solutions.

A video game with motion tracking for print media fair drupa 2016, and beyond.

For whom?
Visitors of Esko, the global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging and label, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries.

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