European Copper Institute

The European Copper Institute requested us to design, produce and develop a new, integrated European Web Platform for the Eurocopper and CDA websites in Europe. Its goal was to promote and publicise the benefits of copper to society and improve its branding using a unified appearance and consistent messaging in over 10 European countries.
Supported by a modern web architecture, we created a strong, centralised platform with a uniform appearance as the backdrop for consistent key messaging, but that still allowed the local CDAs the necessary flexibility to cater to local needs. The site also offers easy, structured access to a wide variety of project websites and allows access to a common image library. The system permits local CDA staff to update the content for efficient and up-to-the-minute information that is relevant at all times.

Centralising the websites into a single unity made for standardised visitor statistics, increased platform security and reliability, lower human resource efforts and lower annual hosting costs.
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