Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica

Greenyard Foods

Sparking a conversation.

Greenyard Foods wanted to maximise their presence at FruitLogistica, Europe’s foremost trade fair for fruit and vegetables. To jump-start networking and get conversations started with key decision-makers, we created an inviting, interactive solution: the Greenyard Foods multitaction touch table.

Positioned at the entrance of the booth, the touch table entices visitors to stop in and get to know the various aspects of the company.

It sets the stage for interesting introductions and more in-depth encounters.

Guests can dive into various themes and explore curated content and videos on quality, sourcing, supply chain, sustainability and service.

The experience is smooth and intuitive, so users can easily interact with their chosen content, from the very top level to the specifics.

This interactive medium is the place to be at the booth, and it generates a lot of fresh prospects for Greenyard Foods.

A booth and interactive digital experience for FruitLogistica 2017, and beyond.

For whom?
Visitors of Greenyard Foods, a worldwide supplier of fresh fruit & vegetables; flowers & plants; and convenience products.

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