A new gallery in the bag.


A web-based platform as functional/versatile as Hedgren bags.

Streamlined, functional and user-friendly – just like high-quality Hedgren bags.

That’s the marketing support platform we envisioned for Hedgren.
They asked us to reinvent their photo gallery, so we crafted a web-based system that weaves a powerful fabric of product focus, technical expertise and easy interaction.

First we designed a clear interface that is familiar to users. With hundreds of bag types, colours, collections – every season – the amount of marketing support materials is staggering. Our simple yet clever structure makes it easy for Hedgren distributors, B2B customers and staff across the globe to explore the world of Hedgren.

Looking for just the right bag, lifestyle image, marketing material or brand asset? It’s a cinch with the smart use of filters. Users can select as many filters as they want to narrow the search and get a thumbnail overview of related materials.

Point, click, download – it’s that simple to get instant access to the latest product details or marketing assets. As in a typical e-commerce environment, users can add their chosen items to the shopping cart, and download immediately. Want it now? They’ve got it.

It’s just as simple for Hedgren to manage user access, day-to-day tweaks and minor updates, while we handle bulk uploads of new materials several times a year. This efficient, all-encompassing shopping platform really puts the product in focus.

A web-based gallery and marketing support platform for Hedgren bags and accessories, for 2015 and beyond.

For whom?
For B2B customers, distributors, agents and staff visiting the Hedgren online platform. Since 1993, the Hedgren brand has perfected the craft of making timeless bags with functional features and European flair.

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