User manual production

Nikon Europe

In 2004 Nikon Europe asked us to organise and streamline their user manual production. 10 years and 52 million (!) manuals later, our cooperation is still going strong.
On behalf of Nikon Europe, we print over 4 million digital camera manuals in 24 language versions each year. It is made possible by the expertise and close coordination of our account and production teams, who have created an extensive workflow to guarantee that the manuals can be produced quickly while ensuring the highest quality finished product.

Printers from our global printing network must fulfil the utmost in printing and finishing standards. Systems are set up to ensure a quick turnaround once the project gets going. Our quality control measures are in place each step of the production process. At Nikon’s request, we meet strenuous environmental regulations – confirmed by independent lab testing and regular supervision by the team. We manage the strict logistic and procedural requirements of delivery all over Europe, all the while communicating and coordinating project details with company HQs in both Europe and Japan.

Nikon relies on us for an optimum balance of quality, planning and budget. We deliver the goods, so Nikon can deliver theirs.
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