360 degrees of SCADAS.


An augmented reality sales tool as flexible as Siemens PLM solutions.

Siemens challenged us to create a sales application for LMS SCADAS XS, a compact device for audio and vibration diagnostic testing on the go. We designed an app that really resonates with users, and lets them tour the sonic sphere of LMS SCADAS XS.

How to get started with the true-to-life SCADAS experience? Simply point the tablet at the brochure (or even a Siemens business card), which functions as a marker. Then tap, and go. A hyper-realistic, full-scale 3D model of the product appears, which the user can interact with and view from any angle.

Navigating through four information levels, users can get up-to-speed on hardware, software, applications and set-up.

Learn more about the connectors by tapping on the interactive buttons. Watch specialized videos related to software testing simulations and the main applications.

Finally, a QuickStart tutorial guides the user step by step through the set-up procedure, so they can immediately start using the product.

Users have the freedom to discover the product on their own and easily set up the system – essential in challenging testing environments.

The app mirrors the flexibility and reliability of LMS SCADAS XS. With this virtual tour, users anywhere can interact with their audio, faster than ever before.

The LMS SCADAS XS virtual tour, an augmented reality app that explores product features and enables quick, independent set-up.

For whom?
For sound engineering and diagnostics professionals connecting with Siemens PLM Software - LMS Testing Solutions, which offers innovative solutions for durability, noise and vibration engineering.

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