Experienced iOS developer


You’ll be responsible for the development of iOS projects and collaborating with a very skilled and passionate team of designers, developers and producers.

You will have the chance to work on a variety of projects, including applications for iPhone and iPad, and out-of-home installations involving mobile devices.

Typical project responsibility will include:

  • Analysing user, functional and others requirements (performance, usability);  
  • Planning and tracking effort and progress;  
  • Designing, coding, refactoring software components;  
  • Specifying, implementing, automated test cases;  
  • Reporting and fixing software issues;  

You will keep up to date on mobile developments and especially in the iOS domain.


  • https://developer.apple.com/ is probably bookmarked as one of your favourites...
  • You have a Bachelor or Master Degree in Informatics and have high-level skills in development for iOS.
  • You are able to work independently as well as in team setting.
  • You are able contribute not only to the code but also to the entire product vision.
  • You are interested in developing a wide variety of applications; from graphically impressive to logical and highly structured business apps.


  • Know and love good design patterns
  • 3+ years Mac development experience using: Objective C/Cocoa.
  • Experience managing projects in an SVN environment
    • Ability to develop against a variety of web architectures and services (HTTP, SOAP, REST, etc.)
    • Programming skills in Objective C, Javascript and supporting iOS services are a must.
    • Comfortable programming in C++
      • You are experienced in Open GL, Webservices, HTML, CSS.


  • Knowledge of a scripting languages are a plus
  • Experience integrating with web services and social platforms (XML, JSON, REST, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc)
  • Experience developing on Cinder framework

Good to know if you plan to apply...

If the job sounds appealing, we would love to hear from you!

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