An online campaign

European Copper Institute

Awesome power

To create a campaign website that brands the unique antimicrobial qualities of copper among an audience of knowledgeable professionals by conducting and showing a ‘live’ experiment on which people can comment, react and interact.

Experimental website

A campaign-oriented micro-site that uses an on-demand video stream to show a ‘live’ experiment that proves that copper kills bacteria more efficiently than any other touch surface (with pre-planned back-up scenarios in case of experiment gone wrong and connection issues).

Live and direct

The live stream focuses on the medical team that is preparing and conducting the experiment in a hospital setting. The situation is commented up on by a presenter on the scene who interviews the professor and the medical personnel before, during and after the experiment, and involves viewers by reading of their questions asked via a chat session.

Long tail

Questions that do not get airtime via the online presenter are moderated and answered by a ‘live’ online moderator in the Q&A session and published online for everyone to see. A poll and an online game offer a lower-level commitment interactivity.