A new website

Subaru Europe

Sophisticated pioneers

For Subaru Europe we created a website that rejuvenated their image and brought to life their long history of innovation, sophisticated engineering and pioneering technologies.

Full range

The unique, innovative or downright exiting features of each car in their range are matched to a surprisingly varied landscape of users of all ages. In a fun matrix that uses crisp infographics web site users can mix and match profiles and characteristics to find the perfect fit.

Viral safety features

A number of attractive videos make the unique boxer engine, safety, and all-wheel features of a Subaru come to life. ‘Subaru live!’ offers a forum for all ‘Subaristas’ to share their passion with the world with feeds from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. It’s fun to share the zeal and to see how real users experience the uniqueness of their Subaru.


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