An automated hangtag design system


A lot of baggage

Eastpak is one the world’s most popular brands for quality backpacks and bags – with an extensive range in an array of styles, features and fabrics. To distinguish the bags to their customers in-store, each product features a clearly designed tag with a short overview of the features. We started working with Eastpak in 2013 to develop a more efficient system to produce the hangtags.

Tag, you're it!

First, we organised the Eastpak features, including text description and icons, into a database. We then created an automatic system to produce tags for the required models; the system retrieves the features (text and icons) and automatically inputs them into the standard hangtag layout. This ensures that each tag uses the latest information from the client for each model. It also minimises the need for manual intervention and corrections by an operator, increases accuracy, and reduces the amount of time required to create the artwork.

Simply custom

The database includes the corresponding European translations, and the system can generate multiple language versions quickly and easily: the more language versions created, the more costs are reduced. For the projects to date, we have produced hangtags in English/French, and prepared the artwork files for printing. Our automated tool and customised workflow have simplified the process of making Eastpak hangtags for all involved, ensuring fast output and quality results and reducing overall costs.