A brand campaign


Supporting comms

We started our collaboration with Bridgestone Europe to create product advertising and corporate branding for Firestone agricultural tyres. After the success of those initial projects, Bridgestone asked us to develop brochures and supporting communication for the new range of Firestone tyres.


First and foremost, the brochures must strongly communicate the added value of the new models. For each brochure we started with the concept and copy, and followed through with the design, production and printing. By using a common template, we ensured a consistent visual impression across the product range. We created leaflets for the Firestone Maxi Traction tyre, Performer 65, 70 and 85 tyres, and the Firestone tyre pressure app in 4-7 languages. Additionally, we produced a 28-page full-range brochure in 27 languages. In summary, we printed 65 versions for a total of 45,000 pieces.

Deere in the spotlight

Furthermore, Firestone had a unique opportunity to partner with John Deere for a joint promotion of Firestone tyres on John Deere tractors. We proposed a diverse communication strategy to maximise the communication effort. To promote Firestone Performer 65 tyres at John Deere events, we designed a mobile multimedia booth: flexible for various location requirements and easy to set up. We produced a 4-minute live action video with 3D graphics, promoting the tyres’ fuel efficiency benefits on a John Deere tractor. To further support the events we created a John Deere version of the product brochure and sales presentations.