A new sustainability report


Sustained strategy

The report presents EDANA’s recent progress towards the implementation of EDANA’s sustainability strategy. It aims to share knowledge, experience and best practice across the vertically-integrated supply chain it represents in order to promote the sustainable contribution of the nonwoven sector.

Serving the audience

The complete nonwovens value chain as well as its association members, the press and the public at large.
Nonwovens have an unquestionable impact on:

Social level

  • Health and hygiene
  • Quality of life and convenience
  • Product safety 

Economic level

  • Responsible growth
  • Economic contribution
  • Economic value-add

Environmental level

  • Environmental stewardship
  • Efficient use of energy and other resources
  • Waste prevention and reduction

Tools of the trade

A high-quality 48 page brochure, printed on machine-coated, wood-free glossy paper to sketch EDANA’s recent progress towards the implementation of its sustainability strategy. An alluring, easy-to-read page layout reinforced with pertinent pictures sets the standard on sustainability reporting within the value chain. A micro-site containing the same information ensures easy online dissemination.

Standard set

The complete value chain as well as the EDANA members appreciated the third issue of the Sustainability Report both for its all-encompassing and accurate content; as well as for its enticing layout and design, which – according to them – set an industry standard in reporting.