Mobility Week 2005

European Commission

London calling

The European Commission appointed Alligence to take charge of the A/V coverage of Mobility Week 2005, which took place in London this summer.

This year the focus was put on clever commuting, whereby sustainable trips to workplaces and schools were promoted by encouraging alternative modes of transport: cycling, walking, public transport and carpooling.
In order to increase the visibility of the event and to promote the opening debate/conference, In Motion! Visions for urban mobility and clean air, Alligence rapidly and efficiently produced all A/V material for TV and online services in all of the Member States and accession countries of the EU.

News on Wheels

News on Wheels, our cunning broadcaster, sent out its professional camera crew and its star reporters (a.k.a. news ped(a)lars) on their bicycles to interview the speakers and participants of the Conference. They took their shots to the studio and framed it all as a special newscast that reported the best moments of the Mobility Week Conference and enhanced the advantages of commuting in an environmentally friendly way. We concluded by producing a DVD of the newscast.


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