An annual Report

European Copper Institute

Handsome package

Offer information about the ECI’s activities and financial performance packaged in an attractive, high-quality design that is reflective of the brand and the standards of the organisation.

Veritable who's who

Shareholders and industry stakeholders (the world’s leading mining companies, custom smelters, semi-fabricators and the European copper industry) as well as other interested parties such as the press.

On message

Inspire Europe about copper’s essentiality in health and environmental aspects, energy and electricity possibilities, building construction potential, and the innovative power of its industrial value chain with cases, achievements, facts and figures, etc.

Informative tome

A high-quality 36 page brochure, printed on uncoated Munken Lynx design paper (A4 portrait, PEFC & FSC-certified, 300 g cover/120 g inside)) using four colours and copper-foil to create a classy voyage of discovery through the copper landscape of 2010. An attractive, easy-to-read page layout, reinforced with top-quality photography and eye-catching copper foil elements get the message across as much as through its contents as through its appearance.


European Copper Institute