An interactive exhibition

European Copper Institute

First impression

To highlight the importance of copper amongst newly elected members of the European Parliament and make them think when it comes to legislation in that field wether existing, newly elected MEPs along with their staff, the general and industry press, the sector stakeholders or general public.

The message

Copper is essential for and in everyone’s life because of it being an vital element in our health, our energy efficiency endeavours, our lifestyle, while also being a model for recyclability.


An eye-catching booth erected at the centre walkway of the European Parliament showcased hard facts and applications of copper in all its essential aspects on four impressive curving walls. Each wall represented a certain essential aspect of copper. At the end visitors could test their (newly acquired) knowledge in a digital voting station. A complete range of invitations, brochures and posters announced and framed the event.
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Digital twin

An online version of the booth ( along with its voting station was made available to people not allowed within the walls of the European Parliament due to its security policy.

Copper-clad success

More than 600 people attended the event. Based on the positive feedback from its target audiences, EuroCopper plans to transform the one-off event into a transportable road show that carries the message “Copper - essential for everyone” all over Europe. To date the exhibition micro-site has received about 9000 page views with an average time on site of almost 2 minutes per visit.


European Copper Institute