A product selector


Personal heating guide

To develop a tool for the Viessmann website for visitors to easily gain the required product and background information, enable them to make an appropriate product choice and provide quick links for call-to-actions.

Segmented solutions

The Viessmann.be website featured extensive product and technology information for visitors to actively browse through and choose their product. But a certain segment of visitors required more guidance to develop a product preference and entice them to take action.

Mixed media

The product selector is a combination of video footage and flash components with Koen De Bouw – an acclaimed Belgian actor – as a personal guide. Visitors answer a few basic questions, accompanied by narrative video and text to explain key topics, for example, advantages of different heating sources. The questions are dynamically based, concluding with an overview of recommended products. At any stage, the visitor can request an offer – results of the product selector are forwarded to a dealer – and apply for a product promotion.

Effective efficiency

The product selector has proven to be highly effective. 75% of visitors complete the product selector, of which 23% are converted to an offer or promotion. The product selector has also been implemented in Luxembourg, after its success in Belgium.


European Copper Institute