A savings calculator


Green guidance

Viessmann is a leading international manufacturer of heating systems. To support their sales team at Batibouw, one of Europe’s largest annual building and construction exhibitions, we created an application to show customers the benefits of changing their current heating source to a greener solution – with the environmental and cost savings attached to different systems.

Real-life savings

In close collaboration with Viessmann engineers, we developed an iPad App which calculates the cost of different heating sources over the long run. Based on the latest heating prices and inflation, a personal calculation can be done for each renovation project.

Real-time data

Viessmann engineers upload the most recent prices into an online database each month, and the data is then automatically updated to the App. The App takes into account the customer’s type of heating system (current and new) and yearly usage. If the usage isn’t known the system will automatically estimate the heating cost based on the customer’s postal code.

Long-term savings

With the Savingscalculator App, the sales team always has the most up-to-date information at hand. This tool is also available for Viessmann installers to show their customers the long-term cost benefit of changing their system, especially to a Viessmann heating pump.