A booth campaign


Driven to save

Bridgestone Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products. After several successful collaborations with Bridgestone Europe for Firestone agricultural tyres, we participated in a pitch to develop a marketing campaign for Bridgestone’s new Regional Tyre range. We were awarded this high profile project for the European-wide launch, which included print, ad and training materials, as well as a tie-in contest.

Low cost kilometers

The new range of multipurpose tyres provides excellent performance in varying transport conditions, increased cost savings and longer tyre life. Bridgestone aimed to address the critical issues facing the European transport sector – with increasing pressure on cost and flexibility. Key to the campaign’s success was the focus on a single message, appealing to both the driver and the fleet manager alike: Lowest cost per kilometre. Based on this benefit we created bold and catchy concept ads, challenging the audience to ‘Just drive… the money is there for the taking’. Not only did Bridgestone claim their tyres deliver the lowest cost per kilometre, they were prepared to stand behind that statement. With THE BRIDGESTONE TOTAL TYRE LIFE CHALLENGE, they offered fleets the opportunity to test the performance of Bridgestone tyres against comparable tyres. Bridgestone would refund the difference if their tyres did not provide the best cost per kilometre.


We produced ads for the tyre campaign, support materials for the contest (folders and registration forms), a sales presentation, a brochure, and large promotional panels for Bridgestone’s booth at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. For all the communication materials we were in charge of the concept, copy, artwork, design, and photography of the main tyre image. With the striking visual and strong statement central to all campaign elements, we ensured continuity in the messaging and brand positioning. All in all this served to captivate and draw in new customers for the Bridgestone Regional Tyre range.