A Digital Asset Management system

CropLife International

A DAMn good idea

CropLife International is a global federation representing the plant science industry and addressing international developments in the area of crop protection, agrocultural biotechnology (GMOs) and sustainable agriculture. It wants to provide transparent information to its stakeholders and actively encourages open dialogue with interested parties. To help CropLife in achieving its mission, Alligence was asked to come up with a good idea to handle the available digital information on their website.

Single repository system

Alligence hit upon the idea of Digital Asset Management (DAM), a central repository of digital assets like images, video and audio files et cetera, made available in suitable formats for various purposes such as print, presentations and websites. All assets are tagged and structured to help users find the information they look for. The benefits are obvious: it is available 24/7 to the complete global network in an online environment, so no additional software is required.

Channel integration

To top it off, Alligence made sure the DAM offers intuitive use and possibilities to use its content in applications such as Pod/Vod casts, Webinars et cetera. It goes without saying that the DAM allows easy management and can be fully integrated into the forthcoming knowledge hub of CropLife.