A communications framework


4 years of consistency

Alligence was awarded a 4-year framework contract to develop and produce all EFSA corporate and scientific printed communication. For its publications, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) asked us to create “an instantly recognisable image of a trustworthy European organisation with a strong voice driven by an independent team of scientific and communication professionals that works at the highest scientific level with unequalled openness and transparency to safeguard food and feed in Europe”.

Independent, protective

An EU-funded agency, EFSA provides independent scientific advice and information on issues regarding food and feed safety. They support the EU and Member States in their decision-making, legislation and policymaking, to effectively improve food safety, protect the consumer and build confidence in the EU food supply.

Templates for success

Because of the nature of its responsibility and its deep impact on a very broad audience, all EFSA communication needs to be accurate, timely and clear. That is where a standardised set of communication materials comes in handy. We have produced corporate publications in up to 4 languages including EFSA Annual Reports, brochures, leaflets, fact sheets, newsletters, magazines and event promotional materials; scientific publications including reports, posters, leaflets and brochures; as well as internal corporate and ad hoc printed materials. Our tasks in creating these included artwork, graphic design, photo selection, content and quality control, prepress and printing.

Multilingual Europe

To produce all these tools our extensive experience with multilingual content management, strict and detailed workflows and quality assurance under time constraints make all the difference. With our expertise we have supported EFSA to promote a strong and consistent brand image throughout all their communication.