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The European Food Information Council

Alligence was assigned to revamp the Internet site of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) with the sole aim to make it meet the changing information needs of its visitors and society in general. The EUFIC website serves as a reliable source of information to all its stakeholders and the general public and, given the overwhelming amount of information about food and nutrition available on the Internet today, EUFIC wanted to bring more and unequivocal clarity to the information the revamped website would offer. Alligence set to work by setting up a website user survey to learn about the real information needs and concerns of the website’s visitors. Having analyzed the user survey results, we designed a next generation website through extended Internet architecture that offers an optimal degree of user friendliness by making all information available at a single click of the mouse.

Intelligent content management

Seeing that EUFIC website visitors’ information needs revolved around specific topics rather than types of information, Alligence applied intelligent content management, whereby content defined structure and not vice versa. By assigning themes to the articles and documents contained in the website, behind the scenes an entire network of information, all interrelated, was formed, where the website itself presents a better structured navigation based on topics related to food safety and quality, and health and nutrition.

This way, whenever a new article or document is inserted, it immediately integrates into the network and finds its place within the navigation. Content management made quick and easy.

Propriety design

The regular visitor still had to feel at home with the new website so Alligence created a colour code that visually divided the navigation into something closer to that of the old website. The general look and feel is fresh and clean to ensure a pleasant reading session and the font size of the content is resizable for those with small computer screens or with poor eyesight, in conformity with EU accessibility web standards. As for a poised and consistent visual identity, EUFIC proprietary illustrations were created. With a fresh and bubbly look, but a neutral “tone of voice”, these illustrations dress the website and can be further developed for new sections that might be created in the future.

Hands-on functionalities

Alligence developed a multiplicity of practical functionalities that the visitor would be sure to use. An important feature of the new website is that all possible information related to a topic is made visible on one single screen and available at just a click-of-the-mouse away. But not only that, the visitor can now print, email or download the information viewed; directly access related information and documents; and read recent news that address the topics dealt with.

For visitors to get the most out of the website and have it meet their needs, Alligence introduced a high level of personalisation: My EUFIC. Activating this feature allows visitors to personalise the contents of the homepage, request email notifications whenever a new article of interest is published or whenever a published event comes closer to its date, and even have their own My EUFIC favourites page where they can save their favourite articles and documents as if it were their own personal online workspace.


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