An online communication platform

European Crop Protection Association

ECPA has led the development of a multi-stakeholder project known as TOPPS (Train the Operators to Prevent Pollution from Point Sources). The project is aimed at identifying and disseminating advice, training and information toward operators around Europe and intends to raise awareness and change habits to reduce the loss of crop protection products to water.

Alligence was asked to participate in TOPPS’s communication plan by creating an identity for the project and developing effective communication tools: we devised a logo that lives and breathes the proactiveness of the project; and we designed and produced a crisp and transparent website based on intelligent technology.

Our proprietary content management system, Rainbow 4, is the backbone of the TOPPS website. It allows each and every country participating in the project to log in and upload, save and classify their documents, in all the official languages of their country. But Rainbow 4 doesn’t only allow local content management.

TOPPS also has an Expert Community extranet site, where project members hold group discussions and revise documents together, amending and saving them, online “as they speak”.

Rainbow 4 also made it possible to hold, maintain and correlate 356 databases. This allows information to be searched in many ways and accessed from many places on the website.

The site features an exhaustive advanced search engine, based on a previous elaborate document classification in the content management system. This enables visitors to search for information using a whole variety of fields and keywords, making for a fast and efficient search.


European Crop Protection Association