An automotive display

ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil Chemical needed a unique display stand to show off the design possibilities and functionality of their polypropylenes (PPs) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for automotive parts. The stand was to be an elucidating centre of attraction at the EMC annual shareholder meeting in Dallas, US.

Alligence whipped up a scoop of onsite interactivity with an amazing 3-dimensional car display that overwhelmed prying eyes and stunned demanding minds: The onsite display consists of a car made of Plexiglas that exhibits those car parts made of ExxonMobil Chemical PPs or TPEs.

The online display was housed by a touch-screen booth that allowed fantabulous zoom possibilities, viewing the car and car parts from various angles, and gave a to-the-point explanation on the car part, the material used and the customer benefits. Alligence gave ExxonMobil Chemical shareholders the spin of their lives!


ExxonMobil Chemical