A through-the-line communication campaign

ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil Chemical produces and delivers hydrocarbon tackifier resins to the adhesives industry all around the world. But of course there’s more to the brand than the product: ExxonMobil Chemical has a very special bond with its customers, who enjoy a trustworthy and trouble-free relationship with this tackifier supplier.

Alligence was asked to position ExxonMobil Chemical’s adhesives business unit with a global communications campaign, aiming to create a strong brand image that emphasises this particular bond. For this special bond, we went for our favourite formula: a through-the-line communication campaign combined with a single creative concept implemented worldwide.

A customer’s well travelled flight case with stickers that symbolises ExxonMobil Chemical’s reliability and interchangeable tackifiers, headed by a clear message, Stick With Quality Around the Globe. This is the flag under which all communication tools of the adhesives business of ExxonMobil Chemical will be created, from brochures and leaflets, to advertising and sales tools and the online Adhesives newsletter.


ExxonMobil Chemical