A cross-media publishing platform

ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil Chemical (EMC) has recently taken up efforts to harmonise the communication tools for their global polyethylene (PE) business. The ultimate objective is to reduce time to market of document creation, production and updating and last but not least in a very resource efficient (cost-manpower) way.

EMC PE grades are available worldwide but have regional differences. The technical data of these grades are all managed manually on Excel sheets and then published as datasheets, which are available in print form, as PDF documents on the EMC website, and in EMC’s essential PE sales tool: the Gradeslate brochure.

The updating of the technical data is time-consuming and requires global co-ordination in order to ensure that the only the newly updates versions are used. This results in higher costs than necessary. Because of this the Gradeslate brochure cannot be reprinted as often as desired - the manual updating of data in graphic design applications and the various prints is highly cost-consuming.

EMC needed a solution that would not only cut costs and save time; it would have to allow flowing updating and publishing of its technical data for all regions.

The solution: A cross-media publishing solution that allows a cost-efficient production of all PE grade-related communication.

In order to provide the EMC PE business people all over the world with the most accurate data, in different publishing formats, Alligence developed a web-based content management system. The system includes a central content repository containing all templates for the web and print, data, text and images. Content management for updates, adaptations, localisations, etc. can now easily be done by EMC people from any location in the world.

Data can now be published in various formats and through various channels, such as web or printed matter. Low resolution PDF datasheets can be generated on the fly for the Web and high-resolution PDF documents can be generated on the fly for offset printing. The result is clear: less time needed to market for communication tools and lower cost required to update and re-publish communication tools.


ExxonMobil Chemical