A new born elephant announcement

Antwerp Zoo

Meet May Tagu

There are many exciting new events taking place at the Antwerp Zoo everywhere you look. for instance the arrival of a baby elephant: May Tagu.

Loud and proud!

How to attract new visitors to the Zoo during the summer holidays with the announcement of a baby elephant in a city like Antwerp, full of bubbling events? Easy: Loud and proud!


May Tagu was shown off to the world with an outdoor integrated promotional campaign through a vast range of media with numerous incentive-based actions: Playing with the Dutch words “olifant” (elephant) and “fantastisch” (fantastic), “Olifantastisch!” was the cry of joy to boys, girls, mummies, daddies, and grandparents to celebrate May Tagu’s arrival.

The outdoor promotional campaign was carried out through radio, TV and print. With such a wonderful message and a cheerful melody it wasn’t difficult to whip up a catchy radio advertisement and a bright TV spot. “Beleef een oli-fantastische dag” (have an elephantastic day) was the core message and the ad was transmitted on several national radio stations and on ATV, Antwerp’s local television channel. May Tagu was also present on the buses in Antwerp city centre, with giant stickers on the sides and spread around the city on promotional posters

The boys and girls were indeed the centre of attention for this campaign. Whenever the kiddies visited the Antwerp Zoo, at the entrance they would receive a pair of May Tagu ears to wear. Those who got some ears with a special sticker were the lucky ones to help the zoo keeper feed and bathe May Tagu! There were 10 lucky winners a day.


International Federation for Animal Health