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An event platform for Cardinal Health.

Efficient connections

As a key part of their marketing strategy, Cardinal Health, the pre-eminent health services company, aims to connect hospital decision makers with new ideas to help them achieve more efficient hospital management. At their latest event, the Hospital Efficiency Forum, health management professionals from across Europe were invited to come and inspire each other in that strive. We helped bring company and professionals together with a healthy dose of communication tools.

Identity extended

An event-specific identity extension enabled the company to show off the innovative fabric of their portfolio. An identity kit pushed the forum outside the corporate walls while remaining tethered to the underlying market position, recognizable independence so to speak. A bold palette and robust appearance made sure the forum stood on its own feet in the crowded health communication market, no need for crutches.

Incubator of new solutions

The visual language was implemented across all tacticals, on and offline. We helped constitute a consistent messaging platform that put the ambition of Cardinal Health to incubate new solutions squarely at the centre of the round table discussion. From CTA leaflet to online registration form and post-event media-stream, we had our customer covered and more importantly helped facilitate the individual participants to re-imagine hospital efficiency throughout the thematic sessions and workshops at the forum.

Services rendered


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