From fibre to nonwoven fabric.

A partner portal for Edana.

Intertwined ambition

As the association for the nonwovens sector, Edana’s primary focus of bringing the industry together is supported by an ambition to have online interaction be at the core of their services. They asked us to create a space where their members can find the content and the people to meet the challenges they face today. Whether it be emerging technologies or sustainable governance of resources, offering prospective and existing members alike the ability to connect instantly should be a prerequisite for any healthy industry association.

3 applications, endless possibilities

We devised a platform comprising of three main applications and a series of extended features. Firstly, an extensive contact module and a robust document library power the committee space. Secondly, additional revenue is generated from within the event management application and the integrated e-commerce platform. As all data gets fed into a central repository and set to be unlocked in browser-based interfaces, we are ready for any service Edana imagines to invigorate their member service in the future.

Meat and potatoes

The essential elements of Edana’s activities are the people and the information they connect. The contacts module and the document library harness vast amounts of data in new ways. Granular contact management from parent company to the level of personal assistant, custom field capabilities, bulk editing tools, quick sort headers and advanced list building capabilities are only some of the robust cornerstones Edana builds on to offer dynamic back-office management to their teams, allowing them to get the job done.

Pulsing core

At the heart of the daily leveraging of new ideas lies the groups module, a space where member meets member and everyone in between. Whether it is managing meeting attendances through rsvp or representative substitutions, sharing agendas, collaborating on white papers or simply grabbing hotel and travel details, the platform creates a launching pad that goes beyond who and what. Edana ambitiously zeroes in on the why and makes the difference by showing the way how: the platform.

Services rendered


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