Hosting a dynamic conversation.

A website for Edana members to change the narrative.

An asset to the industry

Edana, the global association for nonwovens, proves its single focus on their member’s challenges by providing them, and society as a whole, with an up-to-date web platform to host a dynamic discussion on the role of nonwovens in sustainable society. Envisioning the website as a lively communicative asset as well as a hub to host the underlying knowledge enables the association to fulfill its central role in the nonwoven conversation. We helped them unweave their needs into an integrated easy-to-manage website with a wholly revised information architecture that speaks to Edana’s revamped insights and priorities.

Threads to a story

Edana organizes events for their members, filled to the brim with networking opportunities and all the key notes to ever take. The new website augments the visitor value by offering all event facets for every edition, from speaker profile to program and the long tail impact. Offering participants easy registration by integrating it with Edana’s member portal, those same members can turn their attention to great solutions rather than boring administration. The trainings Edana hosts likewise benefit from a platform that not only accurately depicts what’s on offer in a practical sense; the thread of the nonwoven story is linked in with the higher goals aimed for in one single go.

Building blocks

As the central hub for nonwoven knowledge, Edana shares openly and freely. Sitefinity underpins that desire seeing as the content management system allows easy editing and updates on the go in streamlined workflows. We ensured all building blocks are there to easily set up any new content, if needed, when needed. Complex topics deserving of tailored, interactive solutions we provided with the custom elements fitting the users’ needs. Each user story deserves to flow to a meaningful proposal of solution, Edana believes.

A shared understanding

The knowledge Edana synthesizes together with its members is shared in a publication library built for the task. Clear filters, detailed product descriptions and an easy online order flow allow users to quickly get access to any document. Edana knows that capturing their acumen in a re-tooled website is exactly what their members demand and alligence aims to enable.

Services rendered


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