Electrifying island life.

A story in print for ENGIE.


ENGIE, the major energy provider, is committed to tackling the major obstacles that islands and similarly constituted ecosystems face in providing their citizenry with the right energy platform to grow their economy. We offered the island economies a lifeboat and helped compose ENGIE’s message and put their desire to actuate real change in the field in print.

No city is an island

Islands and island-like systems are confronted with very specific challenges that limit their cities’ resources, logistical reach and can even endanger their ecosystems if not tended with care. ENGIE knows these challenges form a real opportunity for innovative clean energy generation and use. Each side of the story is presented with the right aplomb and the most convincing data is visualized in lively quick-to-grasp infographs. The key element: a symbolic island that combines all strategies to build and maintain a great environment to live and work in whilst confronted with the island energy challenge.

Commitment is best put in writing

Print offers a potent way to connect with audiences at large and help them realize your commitment to their challenges is more than mere opportunism. Print, in this case, adds the right kind of gravitas to the ENGIE message and speaks the trustworthiness of their talent. Nothing replaces a physical token in terms of story impact to society-level audiences. So yes, print is here to stay.

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