A new positioning

Punch Graphix

Beyond graphic excellence

The company Punch International acquired and developed the businesses and brands of Xeikon, Strobbe and basysPrint. All three focus on digital printing systems, prepress printing equipment and related consumables. Hence Punch International decided to group them and form a solid business unit for the graphics industry under the name of Punch Graphix.

To consolidate this, Punch Graphix was introduced to the London Stock Exchange (AIM). A new, stronger and more organised business unit, with three firmly recognised brands: this called for a new positioning of the business unit and a consolidation of the newly grouped brands.

Positioning the company

Punch Graphix designs, develops and delivers digital printing and prepress solutions for the global graphics industry. It leverages successful graphic technology to help its customers have an edge over the competition. With a clear-minded focus on R&D, it is solely dedicated to customer satisfaction and aims to deliver cost-effective graphic excellence that goes beyond all expectations. Seeing that its starting point was graphic excellence, we positioned them as being Beyond graphic excellence since they offer customers that so much extra that hits the spot: premium customer service, efficient technical support, constant trend-setting technology and the product quality and reliability that only a Punch Graphix solution can offer.

Dressing the company

Alligence tailored the corporate identity of the Punch Graphix holding company giving it a clear and clean look and offering it all the possibilities a corporate identity could wish for. This new corporate identity (CI) was implemented on a worldwide scale with the help of comprehensive guidelines that we put together to ensure that Punch Graphix wore the same suit all over the globe.

Aligning the company brands

Under Punch Graphix the basysPrint and Xeikon brands found their bearings. With this, a new brand identity had to be developed for basysPrint, making sure it was neatly aligned with the Xeikon corporate identity so that they would both be equally recognised as Punch Graphix brands. Xeikon already passed the test with “We are because we dare” and now Alligence also tagged basysPrint, with “Trust your experience”.

Taking it through-the-line

With the establishment of the Punch Graphix CI and brand image, it was time for Alligence to take it all through-the-line. We created a spanking new website for Punch Graphix and a freshly baked one for basysPrint; we developed CI guidelines for the Punch Graphix company and brands; and we implemented these with the design of corporate and product brochures and leaflets. Furthermore, Alligence rustled up a lean and mean advertising campaign for both brands.


Punch Graphix