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A (corporate) identity for Smartmat.

Swede nutritional value

Smart is for clever and mat is for eating (in Swedish at least). Smartmat is a clever way to cook, eat and meet your family at the table. Enjoyable cooking on a daily basis can be a logistical and inspirational challenge however. The made-to-order meal kit space offers a solution and Smartmat offers a better one, all with a touch of Scandinavia.

Real good food

This Antwerp-based meal kit company isn’t looking for an identity, they already have one. Our job was to create a fresh design language to translate exactly that to their patrons. Smartmat prefers people to like them for who they are (deliberately small, consciously local) not for something they pretend to be. Good people who like good food just as much as you do.

Cooking is a teamsport

Smartmat cooking isn’t about speed of execution, it’s about sparking joy in sharing. The logo is a playful reimagination of a meal kit, the fonts approachable. Smartmat creates room for food and people. The team plays a recognizable role. The stories of their suppliers are part of the larger narrative. This identity is a playful homage to the local origin of the products and services they choose to use.

Filled to the brim with value

Illustrations throughout the new identity underscore Smartmat’s real-people values, humble beginnings and careful considerations. In combination with bright blots in vibrant colors, their collateral now has a style as fresh, playful and 'human' as the kitchen they champion.

Not yet satisfied?

2019 will bring a new name and an even broader offer for Smartmat. Stay tuned!

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