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An online magazine for Subaru.

Motoring Europe

Subaru Europe, the distributor intermediary for European Subaru network members, provides local partners the support they require to motor through any marketing challenge. Subaru Magazine, their latest effort, targets the European consumer directly, aims to inspire local Subaru departments and allows concession holders and press contacts to see Subaru in the right light. The magazine translates the global design guidelines into a fresh new interface, fully representing Subaru’s unique brand triptych: Subarus are safe, fun and tough.

Sheer reading pleasure

In forging a magazine design that selects functionality in function of storytelling, and uses strategic interactive elements supportive of the narrative, we prove reliability is not boring. Captivating use of images, video and custom maps celebrate the brand’s achievements in service of the reader's enjoyment. The no-nonsense navigation mirrors the quality of experience a Subaru offers its driver.

Driven by what's inside

Real people drive Subaru. Real stories talking of the lifestyle and experiences that make owning a Subaru are at the center of this periodical. The tone of voice reflects this new course and asks us to fully submerge. We proudly coordinate stories, curate the photography and manage the content in six languages to drive readership.

Built for the road

The selected content management system with dynamic, modular pages pulls from a full set of multi-purpose building blocks to future-proof the bulletin and offer countless possibilities for each edition to have a unique yet recognizable, dare we say, reliable style.

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