An event design package for XDA


Diamonds are forever

Xeikon is the founding father of the first and most prestigious award contest for digital printing: the Xeikon Diamond Awards (XDA). The XDA is highly recognised and increasingly demanded by digital printers around the world. For this year’s edition, Xeikon asked Alligence to give it the grandeur and classiness it has become worthy of.

We bestowed a whole new view to the contest by imagining the Xeikon Cut: “Just like a diamond's cut shows off the cutter's craftsmanship and reveals the gem's brilliance, the Xeikon Cut brings out the digital printer's expertise and reveals the quality and finesse of the printed matter”. With the Xeikon Cut we gave the XDA the standing of a reputable award contest.

We designed brand new logo for the XDA and supported the whole concept with a stylish minisite that presents the ins and outs of this digital printing contest. The site also provides the latest news on the voting of the nominees and the selection of the winners.


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